Accounting records control

Accounting records control

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Every company has to organize its proper accounting, but not every company can afford maintenance of a permanent staff of experts. Independent Outsourcing is a tool allowing solving such problems with no waste of time that can be spent on solving business issues. In addition, provision of accounting of LLC with the engagement of independent experts allows to save on salaries for permanent staff, office space lease and office equipment necessary for the organization of their work. Our company is ready to provide you with a wide range of accounting services at a reasonable price, depending on the needs of your company.

Outsourced accounting

In order to get accounting services for a company in Azerbaijan (irrespective of a type of ownership), it is necessary to provide our specialists with all the documents reflecting economic activity of the company or firm after the conclusion of a mutually beneficial agreement. We are talking about bank statements, invoices, bills, work acceptance certificates (services), tax bills and other primary documents. Based on this information the following accounting services will be provided:

  • Checking correctness of prepared documentation, it’s consistency with the requirements of existing legislative framework;
  • Inputting the information into the automated accounting system (if any);
  • Compilation of expense reports, cash documentation, bills registry;
  • Providing information about missing or incorrectly copmpleted documents that need to be replaced;
  • Calculation of payroll, taxes and other mandatory fees;
  • Preparation and submission of all types of reports;
  • Consulting on any matters relating to the company’s economic activity.

Provision of accounting services

Like any other business representative, prior to booking accounting services a potential client has every right to get acquainted with numerous offers. We want to assure you that our company offers the best ratio of quality of services to reasonability of prices. Our specialists are sensitive to any wishes and requirements of a customer as well as possess a high level of awareness of the latest developments in the laws. This can be verified at any time by calling the phone number listed on our website. Professionalism, flexible pricing and personalized approach form our credo.


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