1C:ERP Enterprise Management

1C:ERP Enterprise Management

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“1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2” is an innovative solution for building comprehensive management information systems for multi-profile enterprises based on best international and local practices of SMEs automation.

“1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2” is developed on the basis of the up-to-date version 8.3 of 1C:Enterprise platform by project team of 1C firm in association with the ad-hoc experts council that includes 1C leading partners (ERP Centres, 1C Development Centres) and managers of functional units of large industrial enterprises. Prior to final version release this product was studied and tested by hundreds of partners and dozens of customers in pilot implementation areas.

Development focus was on implementation of functional capabilities required by various types of large enterprises including those with complex technological multi process production. Such approach substantially expanded capabilities and implementation area of the new ERP solution compared to 1C:Industrial Enterprise Management, version 1.3.

  • New production management subsystem has been developed – inter-workshop and operations management, routing documents, launch management, group and individual work tasks, prompt dispatching, bottlenecks management, load management, time quantum planning, capability to deal with approximate norms.
  • Maintenance arrangements subsystem is developed – records on facilities subject to maintenance, operating time registration, records on routine and extraordinary maintenance, integration with production subsystem – equipment accessibility schedules.
  • Cost accounting and production cost estimate system development – break-down to original cost, estimates visibility and justification control.
  • Financial management subsystem development – operations accounting, requests approval phases, flexible distribution rules, acquiring transactions.
  • Improved budgeting mechanisms and tools – table budgeting model, versioning, planned indicators estimates, data decryption.
  • Trading and warehousing activities automation subsystem development – customer sales and transactions efficiency management, adjustable automatic pricing capabilities, use of scheduled sales processes, expanded customer orders management, trade representatives management, sales monitoring, specialized order records – needs provisioning, mobile workplaces of warehouse staff, packaging records, statistical analysis of stock, delivery management vs. goods schedule (in line with Trade management, version 11.1).
  • Scheduled accounting subsystem development – setting rules of economic operations reflection for financial accounting groups, economic transactions accounting through deferred entries and actual reflection control, random document entries control, settlements with separate units of the enterprise (account 79), automatic support to complex VAT accounting without additional settings, profit tax declaration description and required reporting.
  • Improved product capabilities in terms of personnel management and salary calculation – maintaining staff schedule, performance-based salary calculation, flexible salary reflection in financial and normative records.

Use of new capabilities of 1C:Enterprise platform’s version 8.3 – thin client and web content modes are supported.


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